How Blockchain Will Transform Artificial Intelligence

Updated: Nov 20, 2018

The research on improving artificial intelligence (AI) has been going on for more than a decade.

The last few decades have seen an increase in the study and research of Artificial Intelligence and ways to improve its capabilities. The studies seem to have finally paid out with development of certain AI applications that closely resemble human capabilities. Developers have finally managed to create smart systems that reflect the true potential of Artificial Intelligence.

The increasing development of AI can be mainly attributed to the advancements in Big Data. The development of Big Data has led to the structuring of huge chunks of data into components, making processing of data easier and quicker for the computers. Another technology that holds the potential to transform and develop Artificial Intelligence is Blockchain Technology.

The blockchain has also been extended to various industries like healthcare, advertising, security, business logistics etc. However, apart from the simple applications like ledger record, smart contracts the other are so innovative that it looks similar to artificial intelligence.

Blockchain technology has already impacted different industries, one of the mainly influenced being the financial sector, with the advent of cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin and Bitcoin. It has also extended its services to industries like advertising, healthcare, business logistics, security and so on.

Transforming Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain Technology

Apart from simple applications such as the ledger records, Blockchain technology offers quite innovative solutions, much similar to Artificial Intelligence.

Merging Blockchain and AI

Blockchain technology helps in keeping all records updated during the different phases of authentication or execution while Artificial Intelligence helps in making decisions along with assessing, simplifying and facilitating independent interactions. With the merging of Blockchain and AI, they can ensure seamless integration of technologies in the near future.


Today, security is of highest importance in the online world, especially in financial business that require a great deal of security when dealing with financial transactions of higher value on the blockchain. Also, in Artificial Intelligence, the autonomous nature of system, demands high security to reduce the rare occurrence of any catastrophe. This is done with the help existing protocols.

Data Sharing and Decentralized Control

Today, blockchain technology works on a decentralized network of nodes, which in turn works to solve complex algorithms. The working node adds the entry to the distributed ledger after identifying the best solution.

Artificial Intelligence works on similar mechanisms. When the need to take a decision arises, AI application tests the possible solutions alternating the branches, resulting in the first decision taken by the AI system. This is conducted after the evaluation of alternatives to evaluate the best option.

Blockchain is better than AI in that the tasks are divided across the nodes which makes the processes faster than AI which operates on a single central nervous system.

Open Market for Data

As discussed, the advancement in AI technology relies on data availability from a various number of sources. However, despite large sources of data with many companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon etc. the data cannot be accessed by people in the market.

This can be easily addressed with blockchain technology by the implementation of peer to peer connection, with a distributed, open registry, putting an end to the existing data oligopoly and assure in an era of free and open data.

Mechanism to handle large scale data

One of the toughest and biggest job after data is made available, is to scale it. Currently data is estimated at 1.3 zettabytes. The artificial general intelligence subfield in artificial intelligence can be modeled to work as a feedback control system and allows autonomous agents to interact with physical environment in a better manner.

With the ton of data stored in decentralized system, the benefits are one too many when compared with the centralized storage system. The data can be kept safe in an event of crisis or natural disaster as well. Moreover, this system removes the risk of hacking, making data safe from corruption.


With both Blockchain and AI together in a place, the data can be controlled easy. This technology is for those industries where the privacy of data is not all lost. As both the technologies are trending in the industry, the combination of them is expected to provide great success in the current future.

Written by:

Dr Husam Awadalla


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