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Dr John Babatunde is an Applied Researcher and a Cyber Security Architect with vast experience in Cyber Security Architecture and Cloud Engineering. Since April 2000, John has worked in a wide range of industries including Private Sector (rail retail, mass media and electronics) and Public Sector (UK ministerial departments and government agencies), providing architecture and solutions for virtualized and cloud hosting platforms, information security assurance, security risk management and maturity assessments. In the recent past, John worked as an HPL lecturer at the University of East London, specialising in network management and has successfully supervised to completion a number of Masters dissertations.


John holds a Doctorate in Information Security (DInfoSec) from the University of East London.  His doctoral thesis provided a combined application of Factorial Experimental Design and Markovian Queueing Network modelling as a way of quantifying the impact of security measures on performance of web applications. John also holds a couple of master degrees - MBA and MSc in Computer Applications in Accounting; and BEng degree in Production Engineering and Design. John has contributed to several industrial research programmes and is actively involved in providing solutions that promote bridging industrial best practices with academic research. His research interests and focus areas are Cloud Computing, Socio-technical aspects of Cyber Security, Queueing Network, DevOps and Continuous Deployment, Risk Management, Cyber Maturity Investigation, IoT threats and Cyber Threat Intelligence. 


He is an ardent supporter and proponent of driverless cars, serverless architecture and IoT technologies.

Co-founder & Principal Consultant

Cyber Security & Cloud Engineering

Dr. John Babatunde

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